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Judas Tree

In French Arbre de Judée
A Deciduous tree, 5-10m tall
Originating in South Europe, West Asia
and the Mediterranean Region growing
from 0-1200m.above sea level
and flowering in February-April

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Cercis siliquastrum L

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The Jay

in french Geai des chenes
the jay has an important role in the natural regeneration
of cedar & Oak forests & can be heard in wooded
mountain habitat form about 500 m altitude
to the tree line.

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ابو زريق "Abou Zrayk"

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Weights 2-4 kg and measures 20-40 cm
stays During the day in Oak and cedar Forests
his predators are raptors-owls-wild cat

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"Sciurus anomalus syriacus"

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Horsh Ehden Natural Reserve is situated on the upper North western slopes of Mount Lebanon, ranging in altitude from 1200m to 2000m. The area of Horsh Ehden is about 1000 ha of public land.


Horsh Ehden forest is a unique assemblage of conifers, deciduous and evergreen broadleaf trees in an isolated phytoclimatic region with a highly varied topography. 3 of the 9 bio-geographic zones recognized in Lebanon are represented in Horsh Ehden Natural Reserve, thus contributing to its nationally important biodiversity. 1058 species of plants of which 39 species are trees, 26 species of mammals, 156 species of birds, 300 species of fungi and 23 amphibians.

Best Season to Visit

For hikers, autumn and spring are the most temperate and enjoyable seasons for outdoor walks.
*For visitors who love soaking up nature’s many colors, October is the best month
to enjoy autumnal colors and April-May are the best months to see the reserve in bloom.


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0.1% Of the total area of Lebanon 40% OF THE PLANT SPECIES IN LEBANON


Trees 39%
Recycling 87%
Organic 76%
Biology 93%


Make Your Donation

Day-to-day management of the reserve has been contracted by Horsh Ehden committee and approved by the Minister of Environment to the Management team.

There is no entrance fee, but donations for the management of reserve are welcomed.


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